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Leon Russell and Denny Tedesco

"Denny Tedesco has given us an amazing look at a musical moment in history that everyone who loves Rock and Roll should see." -Christopher Guest

Denny Tedesco Workshop Series


Documentarian Denny Tedesco is bringing his Award Winning Documentary to your next event!


Perfect for schools with a focus on music or filmmaking, private parties, or any special event, this workshop is a unique opportunity to get inside stories and insight on the "Golden Age" of studio recording. Get an in depth Q&A with the man behind the film, discussions on the incredible music licensing process, fundraising efforts, and more.



The Wrecking Crew Comes to Life


All in a life's work. 19 years dedicated to capturing the essence of the LA recording studio scene in it's golden years. The story told by legendary musicians responsible for the hits of Elvis Presley, the Beach Boys, Frank Sinatra, and the force behind Phil Spector's Wall of Sound. This documentary gives an eye opening look into who really played on some of the most memorable songs in music history.


Click the Wrecking Crew logo to find out more about the crew!

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