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Events & Workshops

All events and workshops are presented by Denny Tedesco, creator and director of the Wrecking Crew documentary.

Phoenix, AZ
MIM Musuem
Celebrate Rock and Roll Weekend-
September 15th 
Screening and Q&A

4725 E Mayo Blvd,

Phoenix, AZ 85050

Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 3.01.22 PM.png

Grand Hyatt Kauai

CAL-ABOTA Hawaii Conference

November 4 - 9, 2019

Speaker on November 4th

This is my 2nd time speaking for this organization. 

The American Board of Trial Advocates, known as ABOTA, is an invitation only organization of the finest lawyers and judges in America. ABOTA is an organization of attorneys representing both plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases. All of the attorneys who belong to ABOTA have earned great distinction at trial. ABOTA was created in 1958 to defend and preserve the rights granted to all Americans by the 7th Amendment to the Constitution, particularly the right to trial by jury. The Foundation of the American Board of Trial Advocates was established in 1993 as the educational arm to instruct the public on the history and value of our civil justice system. ABOTA also promotes professional education aimed at elevating standards of legal professionalism, integrity, honor and courtesy.

Past Hosts Say...

"Jazz 88.3, a public, non-profit, commercial-free radio station, partnered with Denny Tedesco for two showings of The Wrecking Crew... To say we were pleased with the outcome is an understatement. Over 500 people attended..."

"Denny's professionalism and the marvelous film both contributed to a day to remember and I look forward to another opportunity to bring The Wrecking Crew to San Diego. Artistically, altruistically and financially, the event was a total success."
-Mark A. DeBoskey Station Manger KSDS Jazz 88.3


"Qualcomm featured Denny's film "The Wrecking Crew" for our July, 2017 film. Denny arrived to the event early, was very gracious with the many fans of both the music and the film, and took time to answer all of the audience questions during the Q&A.

...This rich film and Denny's in-person commentary made for a wonderful evening."

- Christi Gilhoi, QLiving, Qualcomm, Incorporated

Host a Workshop at Your Venue!


Share this inspiring story with your students, colleagues, or staff with filmmaker Denny Tedesco.


Contact Us today to receive more information on booking a special workshop with Denny Tedesco. Workshops include a showing of the film, insight on the making of the film including compiling footage and the task of licensing over 100 songs, as well as an in depth Q&A.

Bring Denny and the Wrecking Crew film to your Fundraiser Event

Cost:  Denny can work within many budgets.  His goal is to share the story of these amazing musicians and artists but to inspire others to go out and fill their dreams and to never give up.

The licensing of the film is included in the cost if Denny is present.

The Wrecking Crew has played around the world in Theaters, libraries, studios, homes, schools, hotels, churches, synagogues, restaurants, clubs etc.  

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