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I wanted to take a moment and thank you for allowing us, at the Museum of Idaho, to share The Wrecking Crew with people of Idaho Falls.

Thank you for a great evening. Thank you for telling a remarkable story with such humor, heart, and class. Thank you for all of your work, ideas, & support in getting the word out to the public. Thank you for taking the time to talk with our audience with such warmth & candor. We may not have had the numbers of a more metropolitan city, but the evening was a wonderful success in my book. Everyone who attended left the theatre having learned something important, shared a laugh (or a tear), and humming an old familiar tune.

The film was amazing, the Q&A was engaging, and I believe you made a small groups of musicians (those still with us and those who have moved on) very proud. Your father must have a biggest grin on his face.

On behalf of the entire Museum staff, I wish you all the best. I also hope everyone will dig deep and help get this piece of history distributed to the masses.

Best regards,
Rod Hansen, Director of Exhibitions
Museum of Idaho

Working with Denny Tedesco to do a screening of the "The Wrecking Crew" documentary film in our House Concert setting was a joy, but not nearly as much fun as watching the captivated faces of our audience during the film and hearing the delighted and enchanted comments following the showing. Our audience has been talking about it ever since! This film is a "must see" for anyone who grew up with the music of the '60s and early '70s. It's a film we are able to watch over and over, discovering something new each time. Denny has done a fabulous job preserving the history of the amazingly talented studio musicians who created the records we all grew up with. It's a film worth seeing any time, any where... and a small, intimate showing with the producer of the film is something not to miss.

Russ & Julie
Russ & Julie's House Concerts

Denny Tedesco’s recent presentation of “The Wrecking Crew” at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock was very well received and gave our students and local community precious insight into the pivotal role of the versatile Los Angeles music community in the development of popular and rock music.  His presentation of the “story behind the story” was heartfelt and a model of initiative and perseverance that the entire community could benefit from.  Mr. Tedesco was very engaging and able to relate easily to a diverse audience in the question and answer presentation after the film.  I would highly recommend him to campus life activity groups that are looking for attractive ways to reach out to multiple parts of the student body and the larger community.


Michael Carenbauer , Director of Guitar Studies, Professor of Music
University of Arkansas at Little Rock  College of Arts, Letters & Sciences

I just wanted to thank you for the incredible opportunity you gave the Benicia High School Cheer Team this past August by allowing us to participate in the showing of your movie. The event was a great success, and we felt honored to be a part of it. The movie is outstanding and reveals so much about a part of our social heritage, that people of all ages will be able to benefit from watching it.

The cheer team was thrilled to be able to help you by literally being your cheerleaders for the night! The team had a great time as they welcomed your guests on the red carpet, and making up cheers and chants to show their support for your endeavor.

This opportunity allowed the cheer team to raise a substantial amount of money with very little effort, as the movie speaks for, and sells, itself. You have done an amazing job, and we feel honored to have been a part of such an event.

Thank you so much for all of your efforts and energy in getting this film out there. We hope that you are close to reaching your goal. If you ever need any other help or cheerleaders to add more enthusiasm to an event, please don't hesitate to ask! We would be proud to be there again, supporting your efforts and bringing in the crowds.

Again, thank you for the amazing opportunity!

Julie Seymour, Coach
Aimee Williams, Coach

I'd like to thank you for inviting The Bridge Recording to become a part of this incredible film's legacy. Our sponsorship to the  AES and Pasadena screenings brought a lot of joy and recognition to us. It really was a great experience. Since we are a recording studio this film and its message have special meaning to all of us here. We work day in and out with many talented artists, but we all know that there will never be a time like that brought back to life in your incredible movie!

Greg Curtis
The Bridge Recording

WOW! What a great turn-out. Thank you for bringing The Wrecking Crew to the Eiteljorg Museum. It was great to have a full house of enthusiastic fans and first time visitors attend the screening. The day exceeded expectations and the Q&A was so much fun with behind the scenes stories - the audience would've loved for it to continue all night long. Thank you for creating this amazing film and sharing the story of the musicians who helped to create the legacy of the sounds of the sixties. We look forward to release of the DVD and wish you all the best.

Linda Montag-Olson
Arts Programming Manager
Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art

“***** YOU’RE NOT LIKELY TO HAVE A BETTER TIME AT THE MOVIES ALL YEAR. A staggering lesson in uncharted music history.”

Scott Marks, San Diego Reader



Chris Vognar, Dallas Morning News

“THIS CAPTIVATING CINEMATIC CHRONICLE OF ONE OF THE RICHEST ERAS IN RECENT AMERICAN MUSIC HISTORY DELIGHTS FROM START TO FINISH. Equally impressive, it is so entertaining and enjoyable that, perhaps, only in hindsight will viewers fully appreciate how enlightening a viewing experience it is.” 


George Varga, San Diego Union-Tribune

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